What is your favorite payment processors that you use on your websites?
I personally like paypal a lot. It is so easy to integrate on your site and their protection against fraud is highly effective, although not perfect. I do get chargebacks from paypal once in a while (they charge $25/chargeback) but the rate is relatively low compared to those that I get from 2Checkout or authorize.net.

I give a D to 2Checkout. They are such a pain to deal with. They keep changing stuff in their system and breaking websites without informing their sellers. Whenever you call their tech support, they always argue that it is your fault that your site isn't working and offer very little support.

Authorize.net is ok but you have to do the fraud prevention yourself. Authorize.net is just a payment gateway and not a payment processor which offer some fraud protection. With Authorize.net, you are on your own and you must implement or turn on your own security checks.

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I currently accept PayPal, mailed check, and wire transfer. Never bothered with any of the PayPal competitors.

You should try Google Checkout :)

They are limited in US and so on their scope for the moment, It is good for their advertisers as google checkout is tied into Adwords, and providing google advertisers with a discount. Paypal is still 1st preference to many ppl it is hard to beat them I think. BTW ChronoPay.com is our favourite they have robust fraud protection system, their charges are lowest and offering excellent 24/7 service.

I'm glad you pointed out that Authorize.net is only a gateway and not a processor as many people are confused by that. Authorize.net is useless without a true merchant account.

If you are really concerned about fraud control Authorize.net does offer good fraud protection. But Verisign probably has the most comprehensive fraud protection suite available. You pay for it (they aren't cheap) but it is thorough.

But anyone concerned about fraud should rely on the best source of fraud prevention: your brain. The vast majority of fraud can be weeded out by paying attention to your orders and looking for suspicious activity. For starters, there are some countries that have very high fraud rates. You should never do business with customers in those countries. If you do you have to accept fraud as part of your business model. Also, verifying large orders, unusual orders, or orders that fail AVS and/or CVV2 checks should be a standard part of your business practices.

We use PSI Gate from Canada a lot.

just trying out google checkout there verifications are very fast.

Earlier it was paysystems. One of the best 3rd party processors for international providers like us. And after they closed down, I'm stuck with paypal and it's 21 days delayed checks.

Of course Bank wire would be the best option for larger payments.

i use paypal normally but i have used 2checkout and they are very hard to deal with as it is difficult to get all the links to banks set up and anything that goes wrong is seen to be your own fault

Compare to moneybookers, the fee of paypal is too high. I want to use google checkout,but it is just limited in USA.

So this moment, the paypal is my main payment processor.

I currently accept PayPal, mailed check, and wire transfer. Never bothered with any of the PayPal competitors.

yeah me too, I always use paypal they are easy and efficient and I never had any problems with them

Yes why down't anyone use paily!

As an ecom builder, I have found most people enjoy paypal or authorize.net. I believe chronopay is more european main stream than here in the states. Paypal pro or integration of paypal systems are a pain though unless using the simple checkout systems that require redirection. authorize.net is simple with a one page customzation system, but again, I'm looking at it from an integration perspective, not a merchant perspective either.

Authnet is a good gateway for small-to-medium size US accounts. Any merchant account established w/ US processor can be plugged into them.

Has anyone one of you considered a real merchant account or 2co.com ?

Depending on your monthly turnover a real merchant account would be the cheapest and most reliable you can find.

But ofcourse if you only need to take payments a few times on a week or only take small amounts then it make no sense with a real merchant account.

Of all i think Paypal is the best and it is my favorite payment processor.I personally use or take the service of Paypal for my site and believe me I am quite happy with it because Paypal has become the number one payment processor today with all its unique features and services they offer.At least with paypal you are safe because you can issue a chargeback if you are scammed or feel insecured about any transaction.I also used 2Checkout for some days and I was really upset about their poor quality service and so wouldn't recommend it to anyone .Use paypal,do your business smoothly and be safe.

Paypal seems to be up there. Especially since its owned by ebay.. its forced within ebay..lol.

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