yeah german cars are built for

My dad has owned a VW golf, an audi and a bwm and they all seem to perform at thier optimum between 80 and 110 unluke british cars where its 60 to 90

That's because they're measured in KpH ;)

Every Country apart from the UK use kph while we Brits stick to mph that i can think of.

america + the colonies use mph

its because we invented imperial whereas europeans like metric

I thought only US used the lame system?
I prefer metric, it makes more sense.

Oh well, all cars show both on the dials. Modern day cars that is, old cars didn't have speedo's!

only cars made for countries where they use the imperial "system" (or what passes for a "system", "abomination" would be a more appropriate word) do so, Serunson.

I read once that they don't have drivers permits in Holland.

we need a driver's license, other than that we don't need a permit to drive a car.

so what do you do when you're learning how to drive?

Thanks The Dude :P
@ TheNNS:
Well in learning to drive up to your test date, they teach you from the basics. This is the clutch, this is the brake etc etc. The test itself looks at Duel Carriageway driving (smaller motorways at the same speed), Parking manoeuvres, turning manoeuvres and reversing around corners. Also general safety aspects, checking your mirrors all the time, blind spot checks, changing gears smoothly, eco-safe driving (:P), and just general being sensible and not a race driver :) It's quite straight forward to be honest.

i meant in the netherlands.

contract a certified driving instructor to give you instruction in a modified car (instruction cars are required to be modified with an extra set of brake pedals for the instructor and extra mirrors among other things).
Pass a written test on traffic law, signage, etc.
And after that pass a driving test with an examiner from the government institute responsible for those things.

When you pass all that you get a piece of paper you can use to (at city hall) get your driver's license.

Quite similar to the UK. Except our licenses get posted to us instead of us having to go and collect them.

well, we have to collect them because there's extra money to be paid to get the license printed (plus having to turn in a passport photograph and sign the thing under witness from a clerk).

I just passed Pass Plus, which is like 6 extra lesson of more detailed things relating to motorways and country road driving. And you can't fail Pass Plus which is a bonus :P

teddy is going to do pass plus

are you getting the hampshire rebate thing?

What the hell is that?

you can ger hampshire coluncil to pay for it fot you

One tiny problem, i don't live in Hampshire.
I live in Surrey if you had forgotten.


i thaught u lived where teddy lives (dont mention exact locations on here plz)

It should be pretty obvious he lives in Surrey. Everyone of his posts says that.

Yeah but Surrey is a big place.
Covers a significant proportion of the south of England.
Hampshire is the county that sits above Surrey.

And no Bennet i don't live near teddy aka Budgins :D

you spelt it wrong it has a y

and yeah its wierd. we live on the edges of 3 counties, go to college in one, live in another etc..

it is facinating to read these post about driving and speed and roundabouts, ( not called that in USA) and they are very few, i guess 99% of US driver would fail a driving test in england,,,,,, yet 100% of english would pass in the USA, hmmm,,, personally i was self taught, with a stick shift, came to the US and ace the test, if you want speed in NY you would have to hit the 87 going toward canada.

>>not called that in USA
I always call them that but probably because the first time I encountered them was when I went to UK in the 1970s. I've also heard them called turning-circle. We have one about 20 miles from where I live in another town that I pass frequently and you would laugh at the way people drive in them -- or attempt to. Roundabouts are so rare here that most Americans don'w know how to navigate them.

they are mostly referred to as circle, i live in ANY and can only remember encountering 3, Columbus Circle in Manhathan, One in City Island and one in New Rochelle. they are indeed very rare in the US