Hello. I am a total newbie when it comes to this. My friend has a game server on his computer, and where are trying to connect the site that i created to it. I know HTML and CSS but nothing about mySQL or PHP or any of that, and have NO CLUE where to start. My site is hosted by one of those free online sites (such as bravehost). Can somebody point to a tutorial, or just help me in terms that I would understand. Please and thank you. ^^

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Thank you. All these guides always start with creating the database. Im making a site for a MMO and like, the registration should aslo create an account in the game, not just online. So, am I supposed to use the game database? or am i supposed to create a second database on my website (using the cPanel thingy)

Also, I finally got the registration page to work (not with the game yet, just the site database) but It wont create accounts. Why would that be?

okay i figured out how to make accounts, but how do i make the register page connect to a database on another computer?

Okay, it depends in what way its working. Have you the registration where it adds them to a file or creates there own file or is it different?

great. now my friends tell me they are using MSSQL not MYSQL. fail. So does anybody know where I can get a scripy that works for mssql? I tried changing the y's to s's in the base.php but... didnt work xD

what do you mean by "what the game server is like?" lol ill check out that link.

yea checked it out, dont get a single word. I am not making this site on my computer, i just want to add pages to a site that exists already okay? Like, im doing this purely online now. Im creating the files on the sites database.

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