Hi guys and gals

I have an image of a map. The map has different areas on it that when someone mouseover's an area a tooltip pops up giving a small description.

Now I've gone about doing this by creating an <a> tag and giving it the following css properties:

a.area1 {
	background-color:none !important;

This works fine in Firefox but in IE it doesn't because there is no color specified. When I specify a color then it works but this isn't ideal because then it blocks the area of the map.

I think IE thinks that there is no element there because there is no color. I've also tried 'transparent' and that doesn't work either. Anyone have any suggestions?

P.S. The tooltip I'm using is Jquery Tooltip http://bassistance.de/jquery-plugins/jquery-plugin-tooltip/

I managed to solve my problem by placing a 1x1 transparent give inside the <a> tag and setting its width and height to the size I needed.