So I have a website, and its pretty simple. I am using my school's hosting to upload files to a server to actually be able to see it online. My school requires our urls to be something like this:

I was wondering how I would be able to buy a domain name (something like and forward that url to my school website.

Also, I was wondering what I would have to know to be able to use some kind of server scripts to add some forms to my page.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Depending on where you purchase your domain, you can set up forwarding that would forward someone to an address specified by you. This would be in the setting under your domain provider.

For instance: Domain Manager > Click your domain > Forwarding: off (Manage) <---- click that and it brings up spot to put your schools URL.

As for server side script, you will want to check with your IT department to see what is supported. If a certain language is supported, you should be able to use the methods of those languages to be able to do what you need to accomplish.

Thank you, that is very helpful. Depending on what my IT department says is supported, should I be able to write the scripts without installing any kind of software on my local machine to test?

I guess that all depends on your setup there. At my company, we have a dev intranet where we can upload to test before it gets pushed to production. I believe for a few languages, like php, asp, and such you would need to install support for that, for basic things like javascript though your machine should be able to display that just fine.

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