Hi all, not sure if this is the right place, but i'll give it a go

I need to create a short survey, 7 questions all likery scale (1-5) with some comments blocks. Making the form using HTML form controls i understand just fine...

here's where i am a bit lost. This survey will run on a closed network: there is no web server and no connection to the internet, they are just a group of networked computers.

I want to capture the user's answers and store it in a database that will be sitting on a network shared drive.

Any ideas on how to do this? I'm guessing I need to set the submit button to go to maybe another page with some scripting or programming to insert the data into the database, but i've only ever really used ASP and such which needs IIS and web servers to work....

Looking for suggestions or if anyone has done this before as well.

Any help is appreciated, Thanks!!

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does your office have a local intranet? if don't have then you need to install one and configure it to achieve what you want..check out this site it might give you an idea.. http://www.razorx.com/tutorials/IISonXPPro/

search Google on how to configure and install intranet.


Thanks for reply :)

It's a schoohouse enviroment, and what i am told is the classrooms housing the computers are just networked together but nowhere near a web server so that .asp, .jsp, .cfm and such wouldnt work.

I was thinking maybe i have to do this with a VBS script? I just am not sure where to even see if there are an examples or tutorials that explain what I'm trying to do.


i'ts networked right..so all the computer are connected to a hub..what OS are the PC's running?
if one of the PC'S is running XP pro..you can configure IIS, and use that as a web server..
so it would be something like this..http://ip.address.of.thelocal.pc/index.html
and every workstation can access to your local intranet web...

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