I have been using tables to build all my sites till now and finally tried using CSS in dreamweaver. My page is uploaded at - http://photoindia.com/test/Untitled-1.html . The problem is in my layout, I want to have 3 div tags side by side(like 3 columns). I have inserted DIV tags and postioned them with the float and margin properties using CSS. As you can see on the page - http://photoindia.com/test/Untitled-1.html , all the div's are of different height. What I want to do is in the left most DIV how do i make the black bg white, so that when the text on the right most DIV increases all the div's have the same bg like over here - http://photoindia.com/test/photographers.html ( i'm using tables here)?

Any help will be greatly appreciated...

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