hey guys I' am new to css and i have a problem which is the div statement

<style type="text/css" media="all">


content:"the string is placed inside div stat.";
border: thick solid black;
backgound: skyblue;
color: black;
font-size: xx-large;
padding: 20 px;



but it is not working i dunno why i tried it many times on different text editors but there is no hope...

misspelled "background"

Also, you have a space inbetween 20 and px (padding). You should note that ie6 only supports pseudo if you have no DOCTYPE declaration (which is strange, since ie5.5 does). Which means your document will not validate. Rather just stay away from it

yeah thanx guys there are some problem in the code syntax but if you correct it , it wont work on any browser it only works on opera