I am starting to learn both HTML & CSS for University & I have some questions about what the proper practices a HTML coder should do in terms of Website architecture:

I want to ask what is best, most conventional or the industry standards for the following:

- include css files in my HTML, is it best to do this externally, internall/embeded or inline? What is best from an employers/experienced persons POV?

- Arranging content in a HTML file? Right now I do this:
- create a header for the title of the page eg, "<h1>Sam's Page</h1>
- Arrange all elements within a table. For eg, one table element is for the navigation bar, another is for the content, another is for advertisements. This is actually something I am really lost on, the best way to arrange all the different areas on a site. Are tables a big no no to arrange my sites elements, should I be using something else(div ??)

- Any other pointers you would give someone new to coding in HTML & CSS. I'd be really greatful for any other advice :)

Thanks for reading my post :)

I was in your position a while ago. This website has been a brilliant resource for helping me learn common or good practices for website building.