Hi Guys.

Please help! I give up! I don't see the answer for my problem anywhere!

It's quite difficult to explain so please bear with me:

I'm designing a website which contain 5 main (parent) pages (index.thml, catalogue.thml, etc.). Each page have NAVIGATOR, embed <iframe> in the "center" and the FOOTER. In this way I can quickly update the website by updateing only the content of <iframe> document, without copying NAVIGATOR and FOOTER to every single page (especialy when the website will have 100+ pages).

Everything is working fine. When the user is clicking on something within the <iframe>, it's opening in "_self" target on the same - parent page. Nice.


When the user will click on any link within the <iframe> using "OPEN IN NEW TAB" or "OPEN IN NEW WINDOW" the browser will open new tab/window ONLY WITH THE <iframe> CONTENT, without the parent site. It looks stupid, as there's no navigator, footer, just a plain document from the <iframe>.

Is there any way to allow the user to open a new tab/window from <iframe> to display the parent site along with the desired link from <iframe>?

What do I want is:

inside the site we have
which contain

frame.html contain link to the site, let's say, *contact_us.html*

On "normal" click *contact_us.html* would replace *frame.html* within the parent_site.html and that's ok


when the user want to open a new window/tab by clicking on *contact_us.html*, he will see just a plain *contact_us.html* file, without the parent site.

I want a new window/tab which will contain parent_site.html with *contact_us.html* in <iframe>.

Is there any hope to do it?

I don't want to end up with editing +100 pages just to add new button to the navigator.

I'm sure that someone can come out with some idea from your owm experience.

Thanks for all sugestions,



P.S. I think I can do it by using PHP but I'm more like graphic designer than website designer and PHP is rather a black magic for me.

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I'd like to know if this can be done by php too. So far i've been doing it by copying and pasting the layout into a new file and just updating the iframe url. it gets the job done but it gets tedious after a while. please update if you come across anything

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