Hey all,

I am designing my first web site, and have run into an issue..
In one tab of my spry tabbed accordion I have five images placed on a horizontal line, with a horizontal scroll. (because the container that holds the accordion has a limited width and height.)

This usually works fine, but sometimes the images ends up overlapping eachother. I refresh the page, and then it works out fine. Since the problem only happens now and then, I can't really tell what's wrong. Anyone got a clue? I would really appreciate it!!

URL: http://bibin.hio.no/mok/s154773/products.html



Did look at the site with Firefox and didn't see any image overlap. Is the overlap only in specific browsers?

In the "products" part you are using tables. Maybe each of the <td>'s need to have the width set also to avoid overlapping. But it is hard to tell what needs to be changed if you don't see it happen.

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ok in chrome.

Thanks for the replies!

Uhm, I guess it’s IE thats giving me trouble, but think it has happened in Firefox aswell. But if you guys don’t experience it, I guess that’s a good sign.. Will try adding width to the <td> though.

Thanks again!