I can't seem to get the word "FrankenBot" aligned correctly with the image above it. I want the word to be to the RIGHT of the image, but for some reason it is being bumped off to the next line even though the image (and the div surrounding it) is only 125 px wide.

Here is my design: http://tech.wurbo.com/portfolio/

Any suggestions?

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I am using Internet Explorer and I see Frankenbot appearing below the image?

Really? I cannot check for sure since I am using Linux, but I ran IE6 under Wine (a program that runs Windows executables) and the page looks alright.

The page was under continuous changes over the past day, maybe you checked while I was working on it? Thanks for replying :)

p.s. I really like the redesign of the site, I haven't been here in about a year and I reached this site through Google and was shocked :D


I am using Firefox, and it looks clean. Frankenbot link seems to be in the "middle column" in your code. It is above the paragraph. Looks fine to me, unless you are wanting a different look. Look at your source code, to see where it is located. Pretty clean page. You do have 18 errors on validator.w3.org, but not bad.

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