I have placed a web page within a web page using a simple frames code but would like to reduce the size of the inserted page. Can anyone help with this?

The current page is at: http://aquafind.com/tropicals.php

Thank you

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I haven't really ever used iframes except for with some videos where I was feeling extra lazy, but from what I've read, you need to use CSS or JavaScript. But I did find your thread very interesting, i'd never thought of that. Maybe you can use embed, I;m not sure if it works on HTML pages.

Thank you but my pages were set up be someone else and I am not to familiar with css or Java Script to accomplish this feat.

Whatever size the frame is, the size of the page inside it is determined by that page's design and amount of content. Assuming it's the Tropical Fish News page, how about having less news? But honestly, why worry about it, your visitors will decide whether they wish to view it all or not.

Ah, there lies my problem. The page is not reduced in size but is instead simply placed in the smaller box forcing users to scroll left & right & up & down. The size of the text does not matter if the whole page were to be shrunk down as this is only a draw to the trading board pages of the site. The linking page that I really want there is quite large.

Is this task impossible or am I on the wrong forum?

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