So basically, I'm pretty well rounded when it comes to HTML coding, and somewhat alright with CSS, but I'm not sure what i should be focusing to do what i want for my site...
currently i have a template (btw i'm using dreamweaver mx 2004), and using that template, i update product pages, homepage, blah blah, more or less all of the graphic, copyright info, etc.

I'm not entirely sure how to describe this so bear with me.

i have this template, which i update to make graphic changes to the page as well as mandatory text which i want to appear. I also have a product page very similar to this which i want to use for every product I do a review on.

Now i want to implement a search function on my homepage that sorts out the products via drop down menu... (idk if that was the right way to say that).
When i click on iPad/skins, i want it to execute a search and return results on this page (or one similar, and btw i know that it's not 300x600).

Can anyone point me to a few source codes for any of this?
Or tell me what i should be researching for this?
idk if i should be using MySQL & PHP, or javascript...
Thanks! (:

Also I'll be checking back daily, so i appreciate any responses to this.
It won't end up a dead post.

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Yes you have to researching on this PHP, MYSQL, AJAX and Javascript

if you use .net C# it is really easy. i would say much easier than useing php, mysql, ajax and javascript. you can create multiple pages with the products then and set the coding on your dropdown to show different pages / iframes when a certain item in you dropdown box is selected

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but if you use C# the person must know oops concept right?

"oops concept"?
And i know a handful of php but not enough.
I know nothing of C#, but if that would work better i'd be more than happy enough to research it. Could anybody post a useful link so I have a better idea where to look?
There's so much out there and i'm not having a splendid time hearing one thing, and then a completely different thing from another site... :/

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