hello people , thanks for opening my post
i need your help , i am a html web designer but i dont know anything about css which mean that i am not a good html web designer , so i want to learn how to create a .css file and how how to do every thing in css , i have tried the w3school css tutorial but i did not know how how to create a full css layout like to create a sidebar and header with fixed image , so please help me

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something simple to start would be create a page with 4 or 5 div containers. Then think of div's as cells of a table that you can manipulate and position whereever you want. lynda.com is a great site for tutorials, but its not free. Might be worth the investment though, it has tutorials for everything, including html and css. Good luck!

Well you being a prince and all, you should have more resources at you disposal than us unwashed masses!
I'll help you because I'm just that kind of guy...
Hint 1:
CSS= cascading style sheets.
It is a helper, so to speak, but the actual design is done with the XHTML.
You don't actually NEED a CSS file at all.
However, what you can do with the XHTML would be limited without the HELP of CSS.

Hint 2:
You will never become knowledgeable or proficient by simply reading about this stuff.
Getting your "hands dirty" by writing terrible code is how everyone learns.

I suggest that you start experimenting now and post some code with questions along the way.

Learn from viewing the source code of GOOD css pages/templates.
And, use Firebug ...

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