I am creating a website where when an unregistered user comes to the site they'll only be able to access a limited amount of the site. It's only when they pay for access to the site that they can receive the full content.
I'm wondering how I should go about this? Is it possible to do this using just 1 joomla database, or would I have to create two? Meaning 1 for the limited content, and another for the full content. If so, would it be possible to have two databases working properly within 1 web host account?

Actually my vision is that the unregistered user only gets access to a preview page and a page linking to a registering page. Then if they pay and register, and then they can go to a login page and from their access the full content of the website. They will then get access to several different sections that shouldn't even be visible to unregistered users. Any ideas on how I should go about that. Im leaning towards either two databases or at least a basic html page for the preview, then a database.

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Can you not set content in joomla to be only visible to a registered group? If I am not mistaken, you should be able to assign permissions to certain groups of users in Joomla, and this should solve your problem without additional databases or extra html pages.

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