i have made many local website to just practice css/html

im not sure if im ready to put a my first website live

my website im trying to make is kind of like a blog but the topics presented are real accidents of my local city

i would imagine the site would have:

  • a buttom to share the topic on facebook and other social media sites for each story
  • comment section below each story
  • search bar for each topic header

My question is in order to make this site what topics do i need to learn

Note: i would rather learn how to build the site my own then use some kind of ready made package

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  1. For the button, it's probably an 'iframe', not much for you to learn there, just google it...
  2. For the comments, you're gonna need a server side script so you can have the comments and info go to a DataBase, for that you'd need something like 'PHP' or 'ASP' (I personally prefer PHP), and you'll need to learn a DataBase language like MySql
  3. For the search bar, you'd also need the same server side language as the comments, it's essentially the same thing, you're searching in the DataBase...

Good Luck, and don't be afraid to ask any questions!!!


Google also provides an internal search that you can put on your site. The search box will only search the contents of your website with a bot. You can also tell the bot where it can go and where it can't. Just in case you want to keep some folders locked down.

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