Experiencing validadion error when i validate at http://validator.w3.org/#validate_by_input.
The affected area is this.

<form id="menu" name="nav_old_notes" action="onClick"><span>Välj vilket protokoll du vill se.</span>
		<select name="old_notes">
			<option selected="selected">Välj månad!</option>
			<option value="protjan.odt">Januari</option>
			<option value="protfeb.odt">Februari</option>
		<input type="button" onClick="location=document.nav_old_notes.old_notes.options[document.nav_old_notes.old_notes.selectedIndex].value;" value="Visa">

The validator says that onClick is not an atribute and I better make it in css.
I have the id menu for this but how do i write the "happening" part (onClick in the code) to css.

Thankfull for help.

Ive found the problem!
Make onClick to onclick...

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