One of the web pages I created for my web site does not appear as it should in all browsers except Internet Explorer. In the others - Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome - my page goes askew (especially in Opera, Safari and Google Chrome).

There is something about my html code that these browsers don't like.

My web page in question can be found at the following url:


I would appreciate it if anyone would have the time to look at my web page in the various browsers and then view source to determine what I am doing wrong or missing as far as my html code is concerned.

Thank you very much.

You mean the colour and theme. Have try all browser except for IE, will try that later. Internet explorer is better in java and adobe flash, so i don't think there is anything wrong with your html. Can post screenshots of your web page in different browser

No, I'm not having any problems with the color and theme.

The problem is with my text.

On all browsers my "Shopping Cart" button is way off to the left when it should be centered.

And in some browsers the text under the "Shopping Cart" button has been moved too far down on the page.

The code for the "Shopping Cart" button was created in my Paypal. I just copied and pasted the Paypal generated code to my own web page.


There is what i am experiencing also it is the browser problem some are not compatible with your html code. Redo the code again and paste in your website and tell me what you see

I am wondering why this is only happening to one page on my web site.

I am using similar code on other pages and have no problems. But as soon as I introduced the Paypal generated code on my buybooks page things went askew.

Did you take a look at "View Source" for this web page? Do you see any html code that is, in your opinion, not compatible in all browsers? If so, any suggestions?

Thank you. Your comments are greatly appreciated.

Hi Griffin,

I took a look at your code and see a problem. You have set the CSS for paragraph tags (<p>) to have a large height and great deal of padding associated with them. Then, you placed it directly before "Pre-order before July..." which caused a huge amount of white-space to appear in the content area. Removing that should help a little.

As for content being centered, you should set the <p> tag for whichever paragraph you want centered to have a margin-left and margin-right of auto.

Just give your form a text-align:center style and remove that p , and everything looks fine.

I tried the "text-align: center;" code and it didn't work for me.

Did you put this command in the header or the body of the web page?

Thanks - again! Your help is greatly appreciated.

I put it in the body, but

form {

should work too.

Edit: I tested it. It works.

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