I already know how to make a forum using php and mysql. I have a fully functional forum that I have written with the help of php login v2. I have modified the script to work with my needs. Everything else on the forum I have written. Now the only problem I am having is making it look "fancy". I have no idea how to do this. I have searched for months and the only thing i can find is how to make a basic forum. I have also found that u can do this with css but I could not succeed in it. I have made many websites and know css html php mysql and can make ajax and javascript work. I have also taken an approach at making an image and putting it in a table which worked fine until the text extended past the image. Any help would be greatly appreciated I am ready to launch this forum but can't until I get this issue worked out. Thanks in advanced. Also if u need to see an example just let me know and ill post the link for it.

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Your question is pretty broad and difficult for anyone to respond to in a meaningful way. You say that you already know css, html, php, mysql, ajax and javascript but that you can't get beyond a very basic appearance for your system. That is contradictory since making a system look "fancy" is done using CSS and Javascript, often using one of the Javascript libraries like JQuery. If you don't know how to apply these tools to achieve your goal, then you need to post a very specific example / question (and maybe in some other forum rather than the PHP forum since PHP probably isn't your issue or the solution). If you said, here is a screenshot of my current forum page and I want to add drop-down lists / a shadowed border / some other specific feature, then someone could probably point you in the right direction.

Ok not trying to be crappy or anything but I thought my question is simple. The question is how do u make the forum GUI look good. example instead of square tables have them round were the reply to the post is have the backround like 2 different colors almost like an image. And your comment about css and javascript if u would have read the post u would have seen where it said I know php mysql css and I know how to make javascript and ajax works. let me break that down for u. I know css but javascript and ajax I don't know the language but I know enough of it to get the script to work. Maybe this question is simple but obviously it isn't to me or i wouldnt be asking. I would appreciate it if u would like to help instead of being a prick. Just because someone knows stuff about something and knows how to do it doesnt mean they know everything about it. About the thing u said about posting it in the correct place again read the post I don't know where to post because I don't know where to start since the forum is made with php I figured this is where I should start. I hope u understand the question now and if u don't want to help then leave it alone and let someone else help that's not a prick.

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I stand by my comments and some of yours are rude and inappropriate. If you don't ask a good question, you are probably not going to get a good answer. If you want round corners on boxes or background images or whatever, then stating the specific needs may get you a useful response. "Fancy" may mean some specific things to you in this context but it won't mean a lot to anyone else who hasn't seen your site in its current state and doesn't know what things you like or don't like. If you have ever worked with customers on doing any web design, then you will know that it is like art and what appeals to one person may be very unsatisfactory to someone else. I don't think that there is any cookbook for this sort of thing, it tends to be pretty personalized. So I say again, if you were to post a screenshot and provide some ideas of the type of changes that you would like to be able to make, you might get some helpful feedback.

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I agree with chris. You profess to know css - if so, you can prettify a page. Calling him a 'prick' is totally off. This to a guy who has about 200 solved posts under his belt and has over 100 attaboys and was (and maybe still is) prepared to help you. Seems to me you came here to deliberately antagonize users.

You posted it in the wrong place as mentioned. Go to the CSS forum, or better still, take yourself to another site altogether. One where they tolerate third-rate, dime-store toilet-mouths. We like this forum, that's why we spend so much time here. We don't need your brand of filth.


How you could be so civil to the guy after that I'll never know. You're a better man than me. :)

I agree with russ_nbhs! chrisea, you're a fool and a prick for not being able to understand the fairly clear and obvious questions posed by russ_nbhs. He knows enough to get the scripts to work, but doesn't know how to actual code with them (lol). Also, just because you know a lot about these things doesn't mean you know everything about it.


My suggestion is just to ignore the little brat until he a) apologizes for being a prick and b) asks a clear and concise question. You want to prettify your site? Go read CSS tutorials.

Chrisea I do apologize for saying what I said it was out of context and should have never been said. I just don't understand Ur concept of just because someone knows css, they won't have any questions on it. no you didn't say that directly but that's how I took it and instead of just asking the question I decided to let ky anger get the best of me. I have already attempted css for rounded borders many of times and it didn't work. I don't really have the problem with personalization I just am having the hardest of time getting the tables to be rounded and what not. the forum I have is at
So what I am really trying to achieve is make the tables rounded. Also about javascript, I have played with the jquery and I just can't seem to get it to refresh the parent page. I tried 3 different jquery scripts and all 3 wouldn't refresh the parent page on close.
please keep in mind there isn't any topic really started. again I so apologize for saying what I said. If u don't wanna help I understand.

Chrishea was saying that your question was so broad we wouldn't know where to begin to give you your answer. It would be like asking someone how I can make my car go faster and be more comfortable. I am basically asking someone to invest a lot of time and research in telling me how to do everything I would need to do instead of figuring out anything for my self. You couldn't possibly know much about css with that type of question and I don't see anything wrong with the response you originally got.

Before you start worrying about things like rounded corners and using jQuery you should be worrying about proper markup and best practices. Start by actually declaring a doc type on the top of your page and then removing the inline style from the page. Then start styling everything from an external css file. Also using a css reset would be a good idea. Additionally you have your css file included twice on the head of your document. Also your markup has a bunch of closing </span> tags but no opening <span> tags...??

Not trying to be a prick but you really need to start at the beginning with the basics and get your engine running right before you decide what color to paint your car.

well going back to my original point just because u know something doesn't mean u know everything about it. I never once said I was a pro at css and I guess I haven't uploaded the new files to the server. I put it on the back burner and did all the work on the comp and didn't upload it because the founder of this organization went through a lot of problems and had to put the team on hold. now his family problems are over with and he is starting back. I have the files at the house on my comp that has all that fixed. I am just trying to get pointed in the right direction as to where to begin to do this.

To start you clearly need to become more familiar with CSS. Not only what it is but how to use it. Mozilla, Google, and Opera all offer online tutorials.


As well as the W3C, and HTML Dog is also worth checking out.

For inspiration/ideas for styling your forum - just Google. Look at other forums and see what they've done. There is a Website Review section here where you could ask for aesthetic ideas. Try replicating some of the things you like on your own. If your attempts fail, feel free to post here. This forum is crawling with members that are willing to help. However, we are not here to do the work for you. We are not getting paid, and we're doing this on our own time. So please try to keep that in mind when posting, and it wouldn't hurt to have a look at this either. ^_^


The question asked above is too difficult to understand..

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