I don't have photoshop on my machine, i want the magic error effect. from where i can get it.
Its very urgent. please reply.

thanks and regards

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Google is your friend. Or you can try to create using GIMP a free alternative to Photoshop, which is much smaller in size as well.


I have downloaded GIMP, but there is no any option like magic eraser, Please let me know how to use magic eraser effect of photoshop using GIMP.


I have to change background of my company's logo so that it will blend in any banner or background, which can be done by using "MAGIC ERASER" tool of Photoshop. But now i don't have photoshop i have GIMP , please any one can tell me how to do this.

There is no 'magic eraser' in gimp. But there are several different ways to remove the background from an image.

If the image background is simple and only uses a few colours you can use the 'fuzzy select tool' to achieve a similar effect (press U or select the magic wand in the toolbox to select this tool.)

Here's a tutorial from the gimp website:

NOTE: The above tutorial talks about using the 'select regions by colour' tool, which is the old name for the 'fuzzy select' tool. Same tool, different name!

OR if the foreground object is antialiased and the background is a single colour, you could use the colour to alpha filter.
Tutorial here:
There are a few minor caveats to this method, but the tutorial lists several workarounds.

Finally, there is another method which involves using the lasso select tool to select a general area and then creating and editing a layer mask to precisely define the selection before copying the selected area from the background image.
See tutorial here:

The lasso+layer mask method is handy if you're trying to isolate an object from a photo, or if the background has a lot of colours, complex patterns or uses gradients.

Depending on your needs, one of these methods should work.
Good luck!

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