I would like to have multiple id and all using hover link for all

#test1, #test2, #test3, #test4 a:hover{

this doesn't work. NOT sure why??

this is not my specialty area, and someone will correct me if I am wrong.

But with what you are showing. I have to ask a couple of questions>>

1. If all of those ID's are going to use the same attributes; why not just use 1 id?

2. If they are not going to use EXACTLY the same attributes you have to create individual id's anyway, and it only takes a moment to add the hover attribute. So why waste time trying to merge the id's?

Forgive me if I am misunderstanding something. But it seems to me you are trying to streamline something that is already as efficient as it gets

#test1 a:hover, #test2 a:hover, #test3 a:hover, #test4 a:hover{

The attributes for #test1 - #test3 weren't being assigned to a:hover.

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