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logo3 is absolutely positioned (and tucking under the div above it), while logo4 is relatively positioned and info just as 'relative' as its position.

I assume you want all three divs hard against the bottom of online-gaming-sites

What I suggest is using floats for logo3 and logo4, making sure both divs have stated widths so info can settle in between them or go below if the window isn't wide enough for all three.

And no, it's not okay in Firefox unless logo3 is supposed to have a huge yellow space above it.


I downloaded the site (a good chunk of it at least) and looked at it on my test server.

1. You actually have 4 different style sheets, one of them in the body. Style sheets belong in the head. Period.

2. There are two copies of IClista. And they do look completely identical.
3. There are a lot of


and extra


in there. Even if they have a function, there are nesting issues with them.

Before you can figure out what specifically is wrong in any browser, the code needs to validate to its DTD and all nesting issues resolved.

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