mikulucky 25 Junior Poster in Training

Hi i have made a site and it looks great in FF and Chrome. However it look really bad in IE and some things just do not work. And being not much of a front end developer I am truly stumped.

There are three main problems:

  1. I would like the website to look the same or similar in IE as it does in Chrome or FF
  2. On the project page the bottom border of the box in the middle of the page has just disappeared, i have tried to remove the content and it still does it.
  3. With the links on the home page and about page, they are suppose to toggle a sliding div. But on clicking them they just seem to randomly move. Then they have to be clicked once again in order for the dive to be slid out. However due to the moving of the link, the link is then hidden behind the new div. I have even tried to use z-index on this but it does not change anything.

The website is currently hosted on my home machine which here is a link, if you view it in both IE and another browser you will see what I have mentioned above.

I have had alot of trouble with this, and would like some help or even just tips on what to do, as tutorials and google was not able to help me with these problems. While the making IE look nice is probably an experience thing which is something I sadly do not have :(

Any help thanks in advance :)

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