How do you create box with like this with things in inside the boxes?

You should elaborate your question as far as i have understood here is what u r asking

This is called two column website . .if u now how to work with divs apply following following approach
-Creae a wrapper (a large div for whole webpage)
-Create two divs inside the wrapper - set one to float:left , the other to float:right (this will create two columns)
-Then indiviually in these two columns start adding divs (boxes)

I'm slightly confused, do you mean the boxes on the right, or the left.

No the less, they are standard divs. Maybe post a wire frame of what you want or something?

Do you have another tutorial that get into more details like where do you put your contents for each box and how you can decided where the boxes go and their size?

more info:
you see how the boxes are in the link? I want to create boxes like that with content in them.

boxing an image --

<img src = "imgsrc.jpg/png" width="yw" height="yh" alt="whatever" [B]border="1"[/B]

yw = your width
yh = your height

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There are many ways to create boxes. Either you can use, divs or tables with border style or also image itself with border style.