I am new in web design.So,I need your help. Because i build my carrer as a web developer.
please visit this site: http://www.webdo.x10.mx/index.php

please go catagory link and i want my header section, Add purpose section and footer section in catagory page just look like home page with content section.please you just design content div with header,addpurpose & footer section.I am failed to do this.Hope you understand.

<div class="header_logo"></div>
<div class="header_manu"></div>
<div class="user_purpose"></div>
<div class="content_cate"></div>
<div class="add_purpose></div>
<div class="footer"></div>

please help me with css and codes...
If possible you can also describe how can i do this it myself.


What is the problem you are having with require_once ?

please visit above link and click on c# language link under catagory.In this page(c#language) i want header section , content section, addpurpose section and footer section are visible.but i cant do this.
so,please can you do this for me?
I think you understand....or not please reply me.


What is your problem with require once? and please be specific on what you are trying to accomplish.

cant do this.
so,please can you do this for me?

Can not help you without knowing what you really want. Post your php code you did so far. I will point out the mistakes but no one will DO IT for you

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