I just need to touch up a website I've been working on before I submit it. Basically, everything is centered on my computer but off-center when I look at the site on different computers. I'm new at making websites and can't figure it out. I just want to pay someone to fix this problem and then I'm good to go. If anyone knows of any websites for quick cheap editing let me know. Or if anyone here is willing to make some extra money via paypal for (probably) some quick work, please message me. Mods, I apologize if this is against the rules.

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I think the problem is that you've used fixed values as measurements:
for instance, if you are working on resolution (and I know these are bogus values, it's just to make the example easier) 1000 width - 750 high
if you want to have a centered column, you can add (at both sizes) a border or a column (or whatever) with width="200px";

now, try that on a screen with a 2500 width - 1250 high resolution:
you'll easily see the difference, since where as on your screen, the 200px represented 20% of the width, on the new screen, well, it's not even 10%.

try to use dynamic values, for instance: width="10%" instead of fixed values.

What about CSS placements "right:" and "top:"? Is that a factor in this?

doubt it. 'right' on one screen is 'right' on the other. but if you have it floating right with a width of 50px, or one of 10%, that 'll change a lot.

bit hard to say since you don't show any code, but if you do use static sizes for your objects, do remember: sure, it will look great on your screen, but if the users' screen is smaller than yours, he might not even get the entire page on the screen

Hi, looking for an edit, is it enough if you get templates to design or modify your enitire page? I did modify one of the pages in my website by availing a user friendly service at SNIP which results an entire satisfaction

don't 'hijack' threads and don't advice to 'buy' a sollution instead of looking into it themselves. sure it'll be easy done, but why giving the advice to pay 100$ (whether that's much or not) for something that might be fixed in three minutes using notepad?

Try adding this to your css:

* { 
    margin:0 auto; 

Helianthus's suggestion did make sense in solving this matter but normally we don't bind all element to it. What need to be done is just to the body:

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