Hi All - i want to add CSS coded fixed buttons around image in my blogger blog kindly do the needful

Can you further explain your question? It's not clear based on your post.

Have you worked on this project from starting? Because those buttons position is absolute and its not relative to your image. So if you resize your browser after loading you can see everytime you resize your buttons will move.

You can try to include those buttons in the divs that contains images and so they will be where you want. Infact you can see daniweb, our names in left are at correct position even we resize the browser because its included in the one div that contains our post too. I think this will solve your problem.

its not in the theme from start i have added the css code after word can you help me fixing it?

ya I posted the answer already include it in the same div which contains the image. Maybe in div whose class is post hentry uncustomized-post-template

Hi @aryanmughal,

Here the solution:

#main-wrapper {

/* overflow:hidden; */ Remove overflow hidden 
position : relative;  // Add position : relative; 


.Blog { position:absolute; }

.blog-pager-newer-link { position : absolute; right : -12px; }

.blog-pager-older-link { position : absolute; left : -12px; }

Try this it will work, Please let me know once done

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