Im having a problem with my input field.
In firefox, it works pretty well.
In chrome, its just a blank white box. Seems like the css is not connected.. but it is.

See this image

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Thank so much for your future help!

hai rakwel10,

in your page make the search box element definition
from this,

<input id="s" name="s" type="search">

to this,

<input id="s" name="s" type="text">

try to change like that it gives as you expected

let me know the status if its works fine or not

Works like magic! Thanks! How did you find-out?

i thought there is no "search" type of html input elements

what i mean is upto now we seen this kind of declaration for input elements of html as follows

<input type="text" name="" id=""/>
<input type="radio" name="" id=""/>
<input type="submit" ....../> ....etc

but we haven't seen this kind of notations for declaring input elements in our html

<input type="search" name="" id=""/>

then we checked by changing the type from "search" to "text"

its worked fine

thats it

please mark as solved if you get your answer

Actually to clarify, there is an attribute type = "search" but this was introduced with HTML5. Not all browsers support it. This is why you see a difference. If the browser supports it, browser styling will apply.

If you are interested in more examples or a more detailed explanation, take a look at this overview: HTML5 Form Input Elements. Aside from the examples, there is a browser validation that will test the different input element types against the browser that is used to visit the page.