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hai rakwel10,

in your page make the search box element definition
from this,

<input id="s" name="s" type="search">

to this,

<input id="s" name="s" type="text">

try to change like that it gives as you expected

let me know the status if its works fine or not

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i thought there is no "search" type of html input elements

what i mean is upto now we seen this kind of declaration for input elements of html as follows

<input type="text" name="" id=""/>
<input type="radio" name="" id=""/>
<input type="submit" ....../> ....etc

but we haven't seen this kind of notations for declaring input elements in our html

<input type="search" name="" id=""/>

then we checked by changing the type from "search" to "text"

its worked fine

thats it


Actually to clarify, there is an attribute type = "search" but this was introduced with HTML5. Not all browsers support it. This is why you see a difference. If the browser supports it, browser styling will apply.

If you are interested in more examples or a more detailed explanation, take a look at this overview: HTML5 Form Input Elements. Aside from the examples, there is a browser validation that will test the different input element types against the browser that is used to visit the page.

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