Hi, good day,

Are there any plugins (free or commercial licensed) with affiliate programs that is able to create a way for members to be able to somehow refer their friends via email/facebook and if that friend signs up, they get a free month of membership.


Example Scenario:
1.) Member "A" is currently paying a monthly membership of $20/month

2.) He refer a friend through email/facebook/ and that friend signed up

3.) Member "A" has now a one month free (he will not be paying for the next month or the first 30 days after that friend signed up)

4.) When his one month free no pay is finished, he will then again be charged with the monthly membership fee.


P.S. It would also be much better if it can be used in OptimizePress 2
We've emailed its developer and this is they're reply:

"We don’t have a function in OP2 which does this at present im afraid. This would be somethine like an affiliate program system you would need to use, combined with some kind of connection to our system to give a free month – but im not sure how that would be possible without some custom coding im afraid.

You could certainly use a system like clickbank or perhaps even a simple referral system script to allow people to refer friends – I think there is a platform called list eruption which allows something like thiss – but not free memberships on the backend as that is a little more advanced"

I hope you can help me. Thanks! :)


PS. to the moderator: I don't know in which discussion thread/section should I post this question, as I think this is a mixture of topics in Web development and Marketing. I'm sorry if ever I've posted it in the wrong section. Just move this post if you so desire. Thanks! :)

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