I make webpage with iframe that displays the parent webpage
but it only can do it about 10 times
is there a way to make it infinite or control the exact precise number of recursions?

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but it only can do it about 10 times

What happens after the 10th time? I dont understand what you mean. Can you provide more information about the problem?

The 10th iframe is empty.

I've never experienced that behavior with a frame within a page. The content within the frame is managed by the source so if you are getting a blank page, there is something on that end preventing the data from coming over to the browser.

In your browser's tools (F12), is there any indication of errors or other messages in the console?

Do you have access to the content or code that produces the markup in the iframe?

the console does not give any feedback for the subject matter
the iframe is self referential
so its source is the address to its own page
I just have index.html with this code in the body

<IFRAME SRC="/~mahrud/inception">the never ending iframe</IFRAME>

A recursive IFrame can cause a system to run out of resources if left unchecked. I wouldn't be surprised if you've discovered a hard limit in the browser, intended to prevent this kind of thing from happening. Have you tested to see whether the limit is browser specific?

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