am not realy a newbie in web development but i just started some pratical this year i have started reading about it since high school..well the problem i have is that i have been watching some video tutorial on responsive wed design but am not realy getting it plese i need a help fprm some one thank you

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Responsive web design is the principle (design methodology) of building a a website that scales well and looks good on a variety of screen sizes, from desk top to mobile.
This means that on smaller sizes elements reposition themselves, or don't show, images automatically resize or scale to the available space, etc.
There are plenty of examples on the web. Find one and resize your browser window to various widths to see it in action.
Oh, and look into @media queries if you haven't. That might help as well.

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Frameworks can take care of this for you and their documentation can shed some light on how they do it. Twitter Bootstrap and Zurb's Foundation are the two frontrunners. Foundation (v5) now has a pretty cool way of dealing with "responsive images and videos", which has been a pretty difficult nut to crack.

I wouldn't advocate using a framework just for the sake of it, but have a look under the hood - you can learn quite a bit from them.

Thanks guys I will see to that and I will see some bootstrap code to see how they do theirs

Thats true, and also you can try to use w3c schools it works quite well.

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