I have this script http://codecoupondiscount.com/ and I want to make a new design for it. Also I want a mobile edition for it.

I would like the design to be similar to couponcodes.com - light blue/gray colors - black text. Would like the mobile site to use the same color scheme. So I want the template to be integrated in the script ( in a .zip file ), with option in the Admin, so that I can change from the actual template to the new one. This way if I install the script ( the .zip file) on any domain I would have the 2 templates available.

I also want to know how can I add the template on an existing domain - you might have to do it.

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you might have to do it

How much?


That's a pretty big project. You have all the underlying code (HTML [pages], javascript, databases, payment gateway scripts and server-side script) and just want the template design?

I'm just saying this since the underlying CSS and markup seems a bit 'random'. In addition, to change this to mobile-friendly would probably mean making it responsive as opposed to creating two different versions of the same site. Is the markup set in stone, or can it be changed?

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bytecrank.com has some good starter templates that are light grey by default. The css in the pages is easily changed to incorperate light blue. You'll have to change them in include mobile friendly code yourself though. hope this helps

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