This is just what we needed to make us comfortable as the recession (I think we can stop calling it the credit crunch as we've been doing in the UK) starts to bite uncomfortably. Mobile devices are becoming vulnerable to malware attacks.

It must be true, I've read it on the Internet. Except...although I've certainly read it this morning, that wasn't the first time I'd seen such a warning. Many years ago I was getting notifications that Palm devices running the Palm OS (do they still make devices running the Palm 0S? Sorry, I'm digressing) were going to be attacked by virus and malware writers.

I don't know if any ever were in the wild, or whether someone just proved in a lab that it could happen. Well, I'll be honest; if you tested in a lab whether something was technically possible you'd find all sorts of terrible things were about to happen. Malware on mobiles is a possibility. Malware on a Mac is even more likely. Damage from pianos falling out of airplanes is quite serious.

Yes, OK, I know the last one's unlikely. But if you tested it in lab conditions and asked whether it could do harm if it happened, you'd find it was quite possible and a probable health risk. So we come to reports like this one which confirm that there is a possible issue with this stuff then once you've started getting alarmed they tell you the risk is minimal.

This stuff's a possibility, certainly, but at the moment there's nothing to say it's really more likely than a piano falling onto me out of the sky. It's more feasible, certainly, but more likely? I'm not so sure. Speaking of those pianos, I must remember to take an umbrella out today.

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Unfortunately they do still make treos :p but they've gotten progressively worse and buggier over the years.

I'd say the risk is getting greater and greater. There has been a potential to infect mobile devices with viruses for years but lately the lines between phone, PDA, and PC are blurring. Iphones run OSX and the new android platform is phones running Linux. So what was that about malware for Mac being more likely?

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