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If you have all the windows security updates and patches then you are safe from the dso exploit.

But there is a bug with Spybot that will still find the entry each scan.

What you can do is

1. Open Spybot and select 'advanced' mode.
2. Select 'settings' in the left column.
3. Select 'ignore product' in the left column.
4. Select 'security' tab.
5. Place check mark in box beside DSO Exploit.
6. Close program
7. Open Spybot and run a scan.


But if you have all of your Windows updates, it is just a bug within Spybot. It's not actually on your computer, so setting it to ignore it is fine to do. But again, this is ONLY if you have all of your windows updates.


It is a true solution if you have all your security patches installed!!
Go to Spybot S&D's forums and see for yourself :).


i had the same problem but here is what i did. when you scan and find it hit the little minis sign and see if it is a regesty key. if it is right click it and go to save results. then go to the spot you opened it with notepad. then open regedit by going to start then run and type "regedit". then on notepad look for the registry key and find out where it is and delete it. but be careful, if you delete the wrong thing it will mess you up. but that is how you solve the problem because everytime you restart it loads back in. this stops that

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