My son downloaded something called messenger plus, and now I have all sorts of other programs on my computer that I do not want, what should I do? Thank you for your help,

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Messener Plus comes with an optional sponser program, which is probably the rogue program you are finding on your system. The easiest thing to do is simply uninstall Messenger Plus, and this should remove the other stuff. If you want to install Messenger Plus without the sponsor program just run the installation, and pay careful attention to the installation options. There is an option somewhere along the way where it asks if you want to install the additional program or not - you can say no without any problem ;) This way you and your son can both get what you want hehehe

If you still have the unwanted program(s) on your system after removing Messenger Plus try using some anti-spyware programs to remove them. One such program is Ad-Aware, which you can get a basic free version of here:


Good luck.


When you install messenger plus it will say do you agree to the sponsor program. A lot of people say "yes i agree" because they are so used to it and don't read what it actually says. Becareful if re-installing it. As mentioned above you might want to get a spyware program like Adware Filter or spy bot

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