Out of nowhere yesterday AVG pops up this message that says:

Trojan horse Downloader.VB.R
is found in file
C:\System Volume Information\_restore{3DC5992C-442B-447A-AD9E-257ADBA15496}\RP102\A0009289.exe
To remove this virus, please run AVG for Windows

So i scan with AVG and a few other AV progs i have and none of them find any viruses. I think i had a similar virus to this one before and part of getting rid of it required me to turn off system restore IIRC. Anybody know any way of getting rid of this? Thanks in advance.

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Yes, the _restore folders under your C:\System Volume Information directory are indeed when the System Restore backups are stored, and they are protected systems folders which even anti-virus programs don't have permissions to modify.

One of our members had a similar situation only two days ago; read through that thread for more info and (hopefully) a solution:


Also keep in mind that any anti-virus program is only truly effecitive if you keep it updated with the most current virus definitions. Most AV programs have an option to install those updates automatically, but many will only give you a limited free subscription to those updates. If your subscription has expired, you do need to renew it (even though it will cost $$).


I only use free AV programms but i have them all set to update automaticaly and scan once daily.

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