I've somehow contracted a pretty nasty virus. It's slowing down my computer, it wont let me go to any antivirus sites (it shuts off the connection completely), it redirects my searches to fake websites, it wont let me use any antivirus programs i've put on my computer from a CD....I can see the program (MBAM) running on my task manager, but it does not show up anywhere on my screen.

A buddy of mine had another friend who had this same problem, and thanks to this website, he was able to fix it. He told me to run SDFIX and everyone would be go back to normal.

First, I couldnt even go to the link from this site to download SDFIX, the virus stopped the connection. I had to download it on my wifes computer, and put it on a disc so that I could put it on mine.

Took me a while to get into safe mode, because F8 was not working, and there was no option for safe booting on the Boot Screen. I ended up going through "msconfig" screen and doing it from there.

Then I finally get to start this program, and I get the above error. Windows would give me an option to either log in as "ADMIN" or as my regular login name "Sammy". I tried both, same results. I also tried using the many antivirus programs i've put on discs, and none of them would work as well.

So I'm pretty much at the end, and starrig at a reformat. Any ideas? Has anyone seen this error and know how to fix/what I need to do differently. I'm currently at work right now, So I'm unable to do any major testing right now.

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