i went to unistall my aim+ and reinstall it and it keeps asking me for the executable but when i go to the c folder with aim it just keeps telling me to enter the executable...?

also... when i was removing it through add/remove... there were these wierd things... one was called "home search assistant" one was "search extender" and one was "shopping assistant" and i NEVER downloaded anything like that... and when i tried to delete them... the same pop up came up for each...

unable to open http://looking-for.cc/uninstall/homesearchassistant.html or
unable to open http://looking-for.cc/uninstall/searchextender.html or
unable to open http://looking-for.cc/uninstall/shoppingassistant.html

why cant i get rid of there? is this a virus?

To remove orphaned entries in Add/Remove Software you can try a Registry Cleaner.
Or you can do this;
Before manually editing the registry always back it up. On Windows ME and XP creating a Restore Point will do.
Click Start > Run > Type or copy & paste regedit. The registry editor will open.
Then go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall and delete the offending entry in the right hand pane.

In other words, these;

"home search assistant", "search extender", "shopping assistant"

i got another pop up from my AVG scanner... and it said i had a trojan horse downloader in my temp internet files... (i think thats what it meant, i checked "move to vault" but that didnt work last time i did it...) what can i do?

Whenever that happens, do the following;

Clear out your Temporary internet files and other temp files.
Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel >Internet Options.

Under the General tab click the Delete temporary internet files,
delete all Offline content as well. Clear out Cookies.

Also, go to Start > Find/search > Files or folders > in the named box, type: *.tmp and choose Edit > select all -> File > delete.

Empty/delete the entire contents of the C:\Windows\temp folder and C:\temp folder, if you have one. (Contents but not the folder itself.)

This one too if Win2K or XP.
C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temp\

In order to view these files you may have to select 'show hidden files/folders.' Instructions on how to here.

Empty the Recycle Bin.


Create shortcuts to all your temp folders so you can access them easily. I have a folder on my desktop named 'Computer Care Kit' where I keep shortcuts to all temp folders (for all users on my computer), my history, and the utilities I use (AV, HJT, Spybot, etc.) so everything is quick and easy to access without cluttering up the desktop.

Get SpywareBlaster (link in crunchie's sig)

i did the deleting and emptying and everything... but every once in a while the same AVG pop up comes up with the monster on it saying i have (i think) the same virus.... so i keep moving it to the virus vault and emptying everything again... what else can i do bc i dont think this is working?

and thanks... i created a new folder with my temps in it!

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