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I’m trying to find a way, either with Excel or another program, to find out what combination of numbers will equal a predetermined sum. I’ve tried Excel Help and the internet, and it appears possible, but all the examples are far more complicated than what I’m trying to do and …

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[QUOTE=gordond]My name is Gordon. I used to live on the Upper West Side of New York but I moved to West Seattle. I missed out on two feet of snow, oh my! I found this site through a client of mine. I need all the help I can get with …

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Go to this thread: [url][/url] 1.) Download and install, Ad-Aware SE. In addition to the default settings, check these and make any necessary adjustments: A.) Close ALL windows except Ad-Aware SE B.) Click on the ‘world’ icon (at the top right of the Ad-Aware SE window) to let Ad-Aware SE …

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[QUOTE=Darkaz]Problems resetting the /safeboot option in the BOOT.INI when the computer decided to never go into safe mode. I have tried reinstalling windows but no luck. Any other ideas on how I might be able to reset that option to off? PLS HELP!!!![/QUOTE] Did you format and reinstall Windows or …

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See if this helps... Go to C:\Windows\Prefetch; open the Prefetch folder, click on [b]Edit[/b], [b]Select All[/b], and then hit the [b]Delete[/b] key. Download, update, and run [b]CCleaner[/b] – [url][/url] Open Firefox and go to [b]Tools[/b], [b]Options[/b], and then click on [b]Privacy[/b] (padlock icon on the left); click on the [b]Clear …

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Amber, here is a "Dear Abby" article I think you should read: [url][/url] (Make sure the date showing is September 14, 2004) Hope it helps. For those interested in gmail, there is a Sticky thread dedicated to it in the Geek's Forum.

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Friday morning I had a folder on one of my drives partitions; Monday morning, the entire folder is missing. I've searched all the drives for some of the things in the folder in case it somehow got moved, but searches turned up nothing. All I can think is that somehow …

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Many people say they use Incredimail and have no problems with it. I had it myself and started having trouble after one day, though it may have been a coincidence -- haven't dared try it again :) Here are a couple of sites that have negative things to say about …

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Those are all legit files; the first one is a USB patch for your motherboard, and the others are all related to your NVidia graphics card.

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It should have come with drivers for Win98; if it didn't, does the manual tell you where to download them from? If you go to the manufacturers website, you can probably find them there.

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[QUOTE=jladika]tell me what a fresh start is remember i am not very exper with computers[/QUOTE] Not a [B]fresh start[/B], a [B]refresh install[/B] (aka [B]in-place upgrade[/B], [B]repair installation[/B], or [B]reinstallation[/B]). It is used to repair problems with Windows such as the one you're having. A description and complete instructions are in …

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[QUOTE=Yzk]I've had the same problem a couple of months ago.. a couple of bangs against the computer solved it though. I'll try cleaning my computer as well.[/QUOTE] If you're 'banging' your computer while it's running, you are probably damaging the platters in your hard drive!

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I would assume that Fujitsu deals with this in a similar manner to Dell: Call Fujitsu tech support and tell them the problem. They will ask for verification that you are indeed the rightful owner of this laptop and email you a password that will give you access. (That was …

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As bentkey asked, what OS are you using? If you know how to get to the Device Manager, check to see if there are any devices that are not working properly. If there are, try reinstalling the drivers. If you are having any other problems, can you please list them …

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Hi klauskinky, welcome to DaniWeb :D Norton should be able to remove that; follow the instructions here: [url][/url] Move hijackthis into it's own permanent folder (it's now in a Temp folder), so that it, and the backups it will create, will not get deleted during the cleanup process. After you've …

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From Panda: [B]Dear Customer In order to uninstall the Panda Antivirus Titanium program manually proceed as follows, deleting the entries in the Registry and files detailed below. However, if at any time the entries or files cannot be found, continue with the uninstallation process, as depending on the version installed …

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Hi Tuloula, welcome to DaniWeb :D Sorry for the delay in responding to this; if you're still having problems, please follow the suggestions in the links below and then post a new HijackThis log.

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As long as you use P2P programs, you will continue to have problems. This thread has links to free antivirus and firewall programs: [url][/url] The firewall is nearly as good as Norton without using up as much of your systems resources. Most 3rd party firewalls are better then the XP …

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Here's someone who's used it: [url][/url]

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[QUOTE=zeroth]I never got an answer to my question about Acrobat and fixed it myself. I tried a question about why I couldn´t paste stuff on a message here from Firefox someplace else, can´t remember where it´s been so long.[/QUOTE] Isn't this the one where Catweazle suggested you remove/reinstall Acrobat and …

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Just to expand on what seatsd said, I've been using Norton System Works since '96; I've had very little trouble with it, but since coming here to DaniWeb I've learned quite a bit. Norton uses a lot more system resources than most other programs that do the same thing -- …

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Since you don't have the restore disks, before you reformat, make sure you have all the drivers you will need (especailly the motherboard drivers).

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It sounds to me like your drive is dying. You could try to put it in a system as a slave drive and see if you have access to your data. If that doesn't work, you could try this utility: [url][/url]

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What OS are you using? If available, you can try System Restore, or you could try doing a 'Repair' installation.

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This may help you with your processes: [url][/url] For your popup, have a look through this thread: [url][/url] If you still have problems, post an hjt log as explained in the thread. You can get the current version from here: [url][/url]

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[QUOTE=jetjocke5]Hi all,I am a complete novice but here goes.When I try to click on a link such as to make a credit card payment,I get page not displayed.Also when trying to download IE update from microsoft I get "your current security settings prohibit running activex controls on this page as …

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Did it run okay right after you installed XP, or have you been having trouble ever since? Try running the programs you mentioned in Safe Mode. While still in Safe Mode, do this as well: Open Windows Explorer, Folder Options, Tools, View, and select "show hidden files and folders," and …

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What OS do you have? Since you said it's new, I'll assume it's XP. There are two ways to do this: The most common is to reboot your computer and then repeatedly hit F8 while it's booting up. The other way to to go to Start, Run, type in [B]msconfig[/B], …

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