Hi trandill,

You need to start your own thread for that question. We ask that members not "piggyback" their questions onto a thread started by another member.
Also- please include a HijackThis log in your new thread; it will give us a good idea of what sort of "nasties" are lurking in your system.


After deleting in safe mode the file "FASTFATS.SYS", "stsheets.dat" and fixing everything that was relationed with the virus, the virus dissapeared.
I rebooted again in normal mode, scanned with HijackThis and nothing was there!!! The home page wasnt there anymore, i could change it freely!!

Im so happy to get rid of that crap, the guy that made the program that you told me to download at "http://www.atribune.org/downloads/locate.zip" really did a good job, it was the only one that detected the real problem!!

Thanks, thanks, thanks a LOT!! I thought that having AVG was enough...
Im gonna recommend this site from now on to everyone that have techincal/malware problems because im very happy with the results that i got.

Thanks again!

The link to the file does not work. Does anyone have a copy of the locate.zip file? Thanks for your help?

when i get awkward to remove stuff like this. i usually find it handy to use, run - msconfig and select diagnostic start up before i edit the registry. anything left afterwards should delete fairly easily. if you have download taskmanager 16 (download.com) it'll point out and identify any unknown startup items and allow you to stop them so they can be deleted. i also find it usefull to run spybot as well as ad-aware se, both free, both good on their own but better used together.

This thread is 9 months old - why dig it up?

This thread is 9 months old - why dig it up?

9 months? Check again- this puppy was started over a year ago. :eek:

Due to that fact, and to the fact that the member who originally started this thread has indicated that his problem was solved, this thread is considered abandoned and has been closed.

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