Hey everyone, just found this site and it looks fantastic.

I've got a pretty major problem. I'm writing this from my housemates computer because i can't get into anything on mine. I'll start my list of issues.

When my computer starts up there is no windows bar, none at all, there is a thin line at the bottom of the screen to suggest it has just been dragged down. But i can't drag it back, and when i right click the "Lock The Taskbar" function is greyed out. Also the windows button on the keyboard does nothing.

Sounds: My system and warning sounds seem to work, but nothing else does, Windows Media Player, PowerDVD, whatever else.

Internet: I can open both firefox and IE, but neither of them will load anything, they wont even try. As soon as i hit enter the page cannot be found.

Pictures: no pictures will open, whatever i do i can't get them on the screen.

At this point i gave up, not having anything to help me. (AVG antivirus wont open and i don't have spyware cleaners, every one i ever got caused me more problems than good).

Anyway, any help you can give me would be great. Thankyou



sorry, should add, its an AMD Athlon 2600 with Windows XP, everything's updated as far as it asked me to. It's fairly old, and has had hiccups before, but nothing to screw it up this bad...