oper syst:win xp media edition

I will be greatful if someone solve my problem
Some times when I am using Internet I open my windows task manager.
In here there are five tabs Applications, processes,performance,networking and Users.

I have the problem concerning users area.
Here are five items users,id,status and clientname.
What I want to ask is that sometimes under client name heading i find word "console" written. Other times the area under that heading is empty.
(user: myname is written, id:0,status:active, client name:" " or console).

Q:does the word "console" means someone someone else is illegaly accessing my computer or is it something else. i was worried because I dont use firewall(it slows my net speed) so i thought someone is illegaly accessing my pc
there are times when the space under heading client name is empty ie word "console" is not written there.


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Can you take a screen shot fo what your looking at for me?

Also running a system with no firewall is like loeaving your front door open while your on vacation...

Not advised at all.


I want to say that in the last message I said the word "console" appears under my client name heading. I have looked in matter again and found that word "console" appears under session heading of user tab area.
I am attatching jpg. You can tell if it is normal to see "console" under session tab.

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