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i would say not a big concern for an average user.
most security faults come from the user themselves
unless you are concerned about an your internet provider keeping a record of you or companies personalizing advertisements things of that type
even still it can only really protect you from your PC your ISP still has the ability to intercept and log if they wanted to
they just don't have anywhere near the capacity to log/monitor every member

most browsers come with ad-blocking functionality for basic popups now and you can obtain more powerful tools just for that

for browsing chatting so on you can just use proxy servers to conceal you to an extent

no matter what program you have running you are the one that makes your computer vulnerable to risks
most spyware/adaware comes from user installing free programs without reading disclaimers
security holes from opening random attachments or visiting specific websites
all the program can do is warn / block you form there
but a simple firewall like zone alarm will have same effect

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