I'm using IE6, Win 98SE. I've never really had a popup problem before now as I do regular scans with Spybot and also use Adware. Lately, whenever I'm viewing web pages, every so often throughout the text there will be a word usually in red and underlined. Moving the mouse over the red underlined word indicates that it is a link, but when I click on it, it will always open a website called " zippy lookup ".

Also, when I first boot my computer and open Internet Explorer it will attemp to open my home page which is MSN but usually a popup window will also open either in front of or behind the homepage window. I always have to close the homepage then the popup window. I then re-open my browser and it will be OK for an hour or so before another popup will appear.

It is getting worse now because when I opened my browser tonite it completely took over and wouldnt allow me to close any window. The only way out was to reboot my computer then it was OK.

Anyone have any ideas as to what I have on my computer causing this problem? Spybot dosen't pick up anything.



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I hope I posted in the right forum as I posted in a rush and realized that maybe I should have put it in " viruses / spyware and other nasties ".

Sorry :sad:


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