media player will not work on any type of file extention. have uninstalled and installed a newer version and i still get the same error "1099". also real player will not work either.

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1. You've posted this in the spyware/viruses forum; what indications have you gotten that malicious infections are the cause of the problem?

2. Open the Event Viewer utility in your Administrative Tools control panel.

In the Event Viewer, look through the System and Application logs for entries flagged as "Warning" or "Error"; double-clicking on any of those entries will open a "details" window with more information about the error/warning. If you find any entries that seem to relate to hangs/crashes in Media Player or Real Player, post the full and exact contents given in the detail windows.


thanks so much for the help. i had a virus on this computer about six to eight weeks ago. and once it was removed i was able to access iexplorer and my computer, but any type of media player, wmp, morephus, real player, will not function.

i searched the event viewer and didnt see any errors or warnings that i could relate to wmp.

thanks so much

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