I have the Winfix pop-ups and my spyware/ad-ware/virus protection cant get rid of them here is what i got

Microsoft Anti-spyware
Ad-Aware SE Profsenial
Norton Antivirus 2005

Now i got rid of Aurora perfectly fine but this one is tricky any help that IS EASY would be nice :cheesy:

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One of our computers at work had this issue as well. I posted to another forum, before I found this one, and they helped me out, but I can't remember everything they had me do. It will not necessarily be easy depending on your computer skill level, but it is going to require a HiJackThis log. CleanUp is another program that I've found useful, here is the link for it: www.stevengould.org/software/cleanup.

wait wtf i ran it does it delete like ur whole friking computer???? its just deleteing stuff!!!!!!!!

Download HijackThis and unzip it to dedicated folder (like C:\HijackThisFolder\hijackthis.exe).
Then run it and click the button Do a System scan and save log file. HijackThis will perform a scan and saves the log file as hijackthis.log in the same folder where it is installed and it also opens the file automatically.
Copy the entire contents of the file and post it here.

Being assisted in another thread.

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