Hello all, you must have read this before, but I need help. My email account has been hacked into and I changed it 1 week ago and again this new one has been hacked into as well.

I have run norton still the same thing. Trial version of McAfee has picked that up but is not resolving the problem.

What else can I do? Help please.

Thank you, thank you.

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We need a LOT more info than what you have given us. We need to know all about your computer, operating system, what type of email program are you talking about, an actual program or webmail?
You say Norton picked up nothing but McAfee trial picked up?
You can't run two anti-virus programs on the same computer, they will fight against each other and do virtually nothing.
What other scans have you run? Have you followed the steps in our Read Me sticky? If not, do so and post back with all the requested logs.
But I have to say first, if this is webmail then the problem likely is not ON your computer. You need to contact the provider of the webmail service.
Other than that we cannot offer suggestions until we have much more information.


Hello Perrmalink,

I must have posted my query without really going through the website. I will follow the steps you suggested and get back to you as soon as possible.

I do apologise for any inconvenience and once again, thanks for your hep.

Stay blessed.

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