i was using AIM (aol instant messenger) and some random person im's me and tells me that he has my ip address recorded and stuff like that,....what i want to know is...is there any way i can find out who that person is or his/her ip too if i only know their screen name...help would be appreciated :sad:

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Harassment violates AOL's terms of use; the first thing you should do is contact them. Email them a description of the problem along with the user's screen name and, if possible, copies of the offending messages. AIM also gives you the option of warning and/or blocking a user; you might just want to block the person and let it go at that. Read through AIM's online help for more info on blocking and warning.

Dealing with this sort of problem by yourself is not the first course of action to take,and probably isn't a course that should be taken at all.

By the way,

This isn't really an appropriate forum for your question, as this forum is for discussing and resolving networking-related hardware and software problems.


thank you for the info, do u know how that person could have gotten my ip,

p.s. sorry for posting in the wrong forum.


no $H17 sherlock i know that...nethin specific, i want to know who it is and not be some retard that says "ohh well i guess i got owned again"

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Hey- Chill out.

As I've said, your question isn't suited to this forum, and I've already told you what the proper course of action should be. Additionally, some of the methods that could possibly be used to obtain the info you want are themselves illegal in some situations, and we don't do the hacks and cracks thing here because of that.

Look, just because someone IMs you saying they have your IP or other information:

A) In and of itself does not make them a stalker.
B) Doesn't even mean that they really have the information they say they do.
C) Doesn't necessarilly mean that they can do anything with that info even if they do have it.

Get yourself behind a good firewall, harden your system, block IMs from this "stalker", and let him go find someplace else to play.

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