I've just gone through my previous posts & there is no mention of Noadware that I can see. I wondered why I had not heard of it?? I think perhaps you may have got it somewhere else??
I can almost guarantee you though that the program is junk. There are a lot of programs that offer a free download then tell you that you have to pay to remove what it finds. I have never recommended a program that works that way. Just a rip off & what they find is probably already written into the program to come up automatically. As soon as you pay, voila, gone. Nothing wrong to start with. You know what I mean??
If Adaware & spybot never found it, I would feel pretty secure. There is nothing in your log either, so trash the program.
Reset your system restore point & you'll be sweet.

Go & have a read here. http://www.netrn.net/archives2/000499.html

Okay, thanks so much Crunchie! I've learned a lot and hopefully these last few things will clear me up for good :). Oh, I also figured out the thumbsup/down symbol and added good words for you! CRUNCHIE IS THE BEST!!!

Hey, I appreciate it. Glad to help out & don't forget to reset your system restore!!

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